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Noah Restaurant & Lounge

The first time I ate here, the steak was tough, the chicken was frozen, and the service was something to be desired. I swore I would never patronize this restaurant again.

However, Noah has come a long way since those early days. And if you haven't eaten here in the last couple of years, it's time you go back and give it another try.

To start the night off we ordered a bottle of Palo Alto Cabernet Sauvignon, and a plate of fried calamari. Jorge, was our server for the evening. Born and raised in Santiago, he's been working here for the last year and a half. His Spanish is perfect, duh! And he also spoke just enough English so a gringo wouldn't have a hard time.

The wine was excellent, chilled just the right amount. And the calamari was the perfect crispness with a creamy sauce to die for. (Don't expect to stick to your diet if you're gonna be eating here).

Next up, Salmon and rice for myself, and a nice juicy 16oz New York steak for the wife! Damn, that woman can eat!

The Salmon was exceptional, with just enough sauce to taste, while still not loosing the flavor of the fish. It was cooked to perfection and just crumbled apart with my fork.

I don't know what they did to the rice, I should have asked. Rice is rice, right? Well this rice wasnt your plain old everyday Dominican style rice. It was browned and had small prices of calamari hidden within it. The portion I had was good, but I didn't get to eat it all. Once the wife had a taste, she couldn't keep her fork away from my plate! Whatcha gonna do right?

The steak was big, juicy, and tender. Needing no sauce or marinade what-so-ever. It was that good. Accompanying the New York Steak was a side of cooked to perfection rissotto. Personally, I've never had risotto and had no idea what it was. But the wife, being a connoisseur of rice, was looking forward to it. And I have to say, if you've never tried rissotto before, I suggest you give it a try.

The recipe comes from Italy, and it's a dish of creamy rice cooked in vegetable or meat broth. It was the perfect compliment to the New York Steak she ordered.

The evening finally ended with two people very satisfied and very full. As a side note, I've personally recommend this place to dozens of guests. And every one of them gave the place rave reviews and thanked me for the recommendation after.

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Ken Harrington

When I'm not traveling, you can find me hanging out of the beach here in the Dominican Republic. I try not to take life too seriously if I can avoid it. Oh yeah, and I’m the guy that sort of keeps this site from falling apart.


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