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Sunday Brunch at Four Points Sheraton

Living in Punta Cana does have its perks. While it's winter time in the northern hemisphere, most people are waking up to frigid weather and defrosting their car. I get to put on shorts and flip flops and go out for a Sunday brunch, as was the case today.

It rained last night, so the air was fresh and the sky was clear. After my morning bike ride I was getting hungry. OK, truth be told, I'm always hungry. It's just that today I didn't feeling like cooking and washing the dishes afterwards. So I grabbed a pair of shorts, put on some flip flops and headed to Four Points.

Four Points by Sheraton is a small hotel, well at least when compared to the other mega all-inclusive hotels here. Located only a half kilometer from the airport, it's a perfect place to stay if you have a short layover at the Airport in Punta Cana. It's also the favorite of flight crews who need to spend the night before continuing their journeys the next day.

The cool thing about Four Points by Sheraton, is that it's not just a hotel. If you live here or are on vacation here, the hotel is open to the public as well. So it's a great place to take advantage of their bar and restaurant.

Sunday mornings between 7am and 2pm, they serve Sunday Brunch. Just walk in the lobby, turn left, and you'll see the restaurant right in front of you.

I showed up about 10am and it was pretty busy, all the tables inside where already taken. Lucky for me, they have outdoor dining too, right next to the pool. And to be honest, if you're in the Caribbean, and it's a beautiful day, why would you want to eat inside anyways?

Sunday brunch here is self serve, meaning, you find your own table and get your own food. I found myself the perfect table by the pool, outside, but not directly in the sun. I sat down and got comfortable, and within a minute or two, a server was asking me my room number and if I would like some coffee with my breakfast today.

Explaining, I was not staying at the hotel, I only wanted to take advantage of the Sunday Brunch special, he said no problem.

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Ken Harrington

When I'm not traveling, you can find me hanging out of the beach here in the Dominican Republic. I try not to take life too seriously if I can avoid it. Oh yeah, and I’m the guy that sort of keeps this site from falling apart.


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