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Top Choice for Premium Dominican Rum: Brugal Leyenda

In the Dominican Republic, not all rums are created equal… Leyenda is Brugal’s newest release for the super-premium rum market. And one sip of this smooth premium blend will have you looking to add Leyenda to your home bar’s top shelf.

Founded in the Dominican Republic in 1888, Rum Brugal has been synonymous with quality, Caribbean rum for well over a century. Brugal’s latest edition, Leyenda, pays homage to the company’s founder, Don Andrés Brugal. Every aspect of Leyenda’s production reflects the premium nature and care used in creating Brugal rums for the last 129 years. Even the bottle’s broad design of allied glass and corked top creates a shelf presence that would have made Don Andrés, the company’s first Master Blender, proud.

But Leyenda’s creation is the true brainchild of 5th generation Master Blender (and the family’s first female Master Blender) Jassil Villanueva; and what sets Leyenda apart is the painstaking process of the rum’s formation.

The Formula:

Starting from the rolling plains of Dominican sugar cane fields, west of Punta Cana, the cane juice is extracted and then crystallized into molasses. The molasses is later fermented and distilled twice before the aging process can begin.

Leyenda is the combination of aging in two different types of casks. First, only select rums are chosen that have developed rich, honeyed flavors after maturing up to ten years in ex-sherry, oak casks. Then, each batch is crowned with just the right amount of rum aged in ex-bourbon oak casks. The combination’s result is a smooth, sweet balance.

What to Expect

  • Color - Deep, dark amber
  • Nose - A blend of honey, dried fruit, caramel, oak and cinnamon
  • Palate - Sweet honey and slightly woody
  • Aftertaste - A uniquely sweet and lasting finish

How to Enjoy

As with any super-premium double-aged rum, Leyenda is best enjoyed neat or on the rocks. Serve in a small rock glass or tumbler and let sit, so the flavors can nestle. And to truly add to the experience, enjoy among close friends and family.

Where to Buy

It’s best to take advantage of your trip to Punta Cana to purchase Brugal Leyenda. A bottle can be bought in Punta Cana, or anywhere in the Dominican Republic, for around US$25. But outside the Dominican Republic, in North America or Europe, the price is usually two or three times the local amount.

And what better way to remember your Punta Cana vacation than slowly sipping a sweet, smooth glass of Brugal Leyenda? So, we toast to Rum - the storied spirit that has embodied the Caribbean’s tranquil way of life for centuries.

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