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27 Best Holes Of Golf

They say that there are two types of golfers, The ones that always play the same course or the ones that like to play different ones each time. Personally I belong to the first group. I admit it I enjoy playing the same golf course , again and again… I admit it MY HOME COURSE IS LA CANA , 27 of the best holes.

Located inside the Punta Cana resort, this beautiful course has 27 holes and was inaugurated in 2001 designed by P.B. Dye son of the legendary designer Pete Dye.

Because I am usually the first one to get there, I like enjoying the view that the clubhouse gives you. The clubhouse has one of the best sights , looking at the big pool and the beach in front of it. If there is time I would have coffee or a beverage in the terrace.

Because there are 27 holes you can pick which 18 to play. my favorite combination is Tortuga and Hacienda. this combination provides 9 holes towards the sea, and 9 holes inland.

The first hole and La Cana looks really easy and short, giving you the feeling that you are facing a common resort golf course. Everything changes in the second hole, where things get difficult and you have a long par four. The green is at an angle and there is a palm tree in the middle that gives you the feeling that you are 150% going to hit it.

Things get interesting when you get to the third hole, a par three. this whole has 179 yards with water to the left , but it also has a great factor ,the wind. The next hole is a par five of 568 yards with the wind blowing in your face the whole time. Its an easy whole to make par , as long as you stay in the fairway.

When we get to the sea your reward is a wonderful par 3 of 144 yards. The wind is crossed , naturally, this hole begins challenging a golfers skill and ability to think on his feet. It's time to light the first cigar and take your time to analyze. I personally use an eight iron but it highly depends on the direction and strength of the wind. You could easily go from pitching wedge to a five iron! bets are won and lost here, close to the pin coming up!

The next hole is a long and easy par 4, for the hardest part is the water behind the green. We get to the seventh hole a magnificent dogleg to the left of 312 yards. The smart way to play it would be to lay up to the right , with 100 yards to play. This hole also gives you the option to drive to green, going over palm trees! The green is 20 yards from a beautiful beach Playa Serena.

There are only two holes left a par five that allows you to hit the green in two, however it is protected by bunker. There is also a hill that blocks your vision. For the next hole you need an accurate driver to the middle of the fairway, because your next shot would be to a very elevated green protected by bunkers.

La Cana Golf Course

The first hole of the Hacienda Golf Course is a par 4 with water to the right. It might be convenient to use a 3 wood instead of a driver. A 100 yard shot with a lot of movement on the green awaits... We are getting to the challenging part of the course. This par 4 has 494 yards and an elevated fairway. You would need every piece of strength you can muster. A par 4 and a par 5 with the biggest amount of movement I have seen in a golf hole. The cherry on the cake is a bunker in this par 5. It feels like you are 20 feet below the level of the green.

The fun continues with a par 3 that has a frontal water hazard. The green is protects by green side bunkers . The 6th hole has an incredible layout. There's a big hill on the middle of the fairway forcing you to choose which side you want to go with. If you go to the left you might need a 3 wood, beware of a water hazard. This is also known for being Coco's hole. Coco is P.B. Dye's dog. He enjoys going for a swim, you might even see P.B. Dye! Don't hesitate to greet him, it will be worth your time. He has the best stories and golf advice.

The course finishes with 2 long and tough holes that leave you wanting more challenges. Even though they are hard, the course rewards your past efforts by giving you the high ground at the tee. There are still bunkers protecting the green (customary to this course)

The discussions and negotiations will take place at the terrace of the club house. Enjoying a cold Canita, Punta Cana's local beer. Like i said before, this is my home course, and every time I play it, it feels different. Its like they changed some holes, but it still feels familiar. Then I remember, it was because the wind was different from yesterday!

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